About Lucid Software

After a decade of developing cutting-edge software systems in the education industry for our parent company, we founded Lucid Software so we could provide robust, functional, cost-effective software to more businesses. We have experience developing on all major platforms and in many different application environments, from desktop applications and websites to mobile apps, and our developers and designers have built systems for a wide variety of industries, including finance, education, professional sports, video streaming, and the medical industry.

Throughout many years in the software industry, we've seen a lot of things that don't make any sense. Whether it's poorly-designed user interfaces, or terminology that seems designed to confuse people (such as "data lake" or "big visible information radiator"), a lot of software systems are designed without much thought being put into the needs of the end user. The purpose of software is to make it easier to accomplish things, and that's what Lucid Software is all about; designing accessible, optimized systems that help you and your business get the job done.

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